Test Questions #10-12 - Course # 324-17

Question #10

The lead aVR the positive pole is located on the

A. Right Atrium
B. Right leg
C. Right costal margin of the ribs
D. Right shoulder (arm)

Question #11

In cardiac monitoring it is best to always

A. React based upon the tracing on the cardiac monitor
B. Treat the monitor, not the patient
C. Always call a code blue when you see asystole
D. Always treat the patient, not the monitor

Question #12

You are monitoring a patient when suddenly the monitor goes flatline (asystole) while the patient continues talking to you. What is the first thing that you do?

A. Keep talking with the patient
B. Call a Code
C. Take a break
D. Check the patient and equipment

324 Test Questions #10-12 - Course # 324-17