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Atrial Pacemaker Rhythm - Pacemaker Rhythms.

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  • This rhythm is easily identified by the conspicuous presence of a pacing spike immediately preceding the P wave.
  • Not all pacing spikes will look exactly the same. They may be below or above the isoelectric line or be partially above and below.
  • The PR interval is measured from the pacing spike to the beginning of ventricular depolarization.
pacemaker ecg image 103

Practice Strip

pacemaker ecg image 104

Analyze this tracing using the five steps of rhythm analysis.

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  • Rhythm: Regular
  • Rate: 83
  • P Wave: upright and uniform with spikes
  • PR interval: 0.16 sec
  • QRS: 0.06 sec
  • Interpretation: Atrial Pacemaker Rhythm with 100% capture

Authors and Reviewers

Authored by Thomas O'Brien
Medically reviewed by Dr. Jonathan Keroes, MD, Cardiology
Last Update: 11/8/2020

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