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normal sinus rhythm ekg
  • Also known as Sinus Rhythm is the only rhythm when each of the five steps of rhythm analysis are “normal”.
  • All other rhythms you will analyze will have at least one of the 5-steps presenting an abnormality.
  • This rhythm will be regular, in a heart rate range between 60 – 100 bpm, P waves are upright and uniform in appearance (in Lead II), with a P wave for each QRS complex, the PR interval will measure in the normal range of 0.12 – 0.20 second (and measure the same each time), and the QRS complex morphology will be similar beat-to-beat and measure between 0.06 – 0.10 second (and measure the same each time).

Practice Strip

normal sinus rhythm ekg

Analyze this tracing.

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  • Rhythm: Regular
  • Rate: 75 (20 small boxes)
  • P wave: Upright & uniform
  • PR interval: 0.16 second
  • QRS: 0.08 second
  • Normal Sinus Rhythm

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