EKG Interpretation Coach

The EKG Interpretation Coach presents over 40 of the most common EKG types. Each tracing can be analyzed and then answers compared with an expert's analysis. Before using this EKG section, you should be familiar with the EKG concepts and analysis methods. Visit our Learning EKG Rhythm Analysis page for a overview of our arrhythmia modules.

ekg monitor image

EKG Rhythm Strips

Our interactive EKG coach presents EKG strips grouped by type. You can uncheck any area that you have previously mastered.

Sinus Mechanisms
Atrial Rhythms
Junctional Rhythms
Ventricular Rhythms
Atrioventricular Blocks
Pacemaker Rhythms

EKG 12 Lead

If you need to practice 12 Lead EKG interpretation, use our new interactive coaching webpages.

Authors and Contributors

  • Tom O'Brien, AS CCT CRAT RMA
  • Pedro Azevedo, MD, Cardiology
  • Jon Keroes, MD, Cardiology