Sinus Exit Block - Course # 313-9


sinus exit block ekg tracing
  • Sinus Exit Block looks very much the same as Sinus Arrest with one important distinction.
  • The duration of the pause with Sinus Exit Block is in a direct multiple of the R to R interval of the underlying rhythm. Sinus Arrest does not have this specific feature.

Practice Strip

Sinus Dysrhythmia - Practice Strip

sinus exit block tracing
  • Analyze this tracing using the five steps of rhythm analysis.
  • Compare your answers with the answers on the next slide.


Practice Strip - Answers

sinus exit block tracing
  • Rhythm: Irregular
  • Rate: 40 bpm
  • P wave: upright and uniform
  • PR interval: 0.16 sec
  • QRS: 0.10 sec
  • Interpretation: Sinus Exit Block

313 Sinus Exit Block - Course # 313-9