Atrioventricular Pacemaker Rhythm - Course # 317-7

Atrioventricular Rhythm

  • This rhythm is easily identified by the conspicuous presence of a pacing spike immediately preceding the P waves and the QRS complexes.
  • The PR interval is measured from the atrial spike to the ventricular spike. This is also referred to as AV delay.
  • This “delay” is programmed by the physician during implantation to mimic the natural delay of the PR interval to facilitate the “atrial kick”.
atrioventricular tracing

Practice Strip

  • Analyze this tracing using the five steps of rhythm analysis.
  • Compare your answers with the answers on the next slide.
atrioventricular tracing question

Practice Strip Answers

  • Rhythm: regular
  • Rate 88
  • P Wave: upright and uniform with spikes
  • PR interval: 0.18 sec
  • QRS: 0.16 sec, wide and bizarre with spikes
  • Interpretation: Atrioventricular (sequential) Pacemaker Rhythm

317 Atrioventricular Pacemaker Rhythm - Course # 317-7