Overview - Course # 322-1

ECG Axis Determination

Thomas E. O'Brien

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the accompanying narrative and practice the student will be able to:

  • Recall which major coronary artery supports each region of the heart
  • Associate the views of a 12-Lead ECG with specific surfaces of the heart
  • Determine the presence of cardiac axis deviation

12-Lead ECG

  • People may choose to analyze ECG’s in a number of different ways. The sequence doesn’t necessarily matter as long as you gather and report the proper information each time. I read from left to right as much as possible (in anatomic groupings).
  • If your protocols are different, always follow them.
  • The following slides will review the leads, surfaces, and associated coronary arteries which commonly supply that portion of the heart.

322 Overview - Course # 322-1