Test Questions #15-18 - Course # 324-19

Question #15

Some leads are referred to as unipolar because

A. Only one sensor on the skin surface
B. A patient has only one arm
C. A patient only has one leg
D. The cardiac monitor has limited capability

Question #16

Some leads are referred to as bipolar because?

A. The cardiac monitor's increased capability
B. The monitor has both AC and DC power sources
C. The monitor can also run 12-Lead EKGs
D. There are two sensors on the skin surface completing the circuit for that view

Question #17

Which of the following activities may cause the cardiac monitor to display a tracing very similar in appearance to Ventricular Tachycardia?

A. Walking to the bathroom
B. Brushing your teeth
C. Using the remote control
D. Blowing your nose

Question #18

A nurse has just attached a cardiac monitor to a patient and she notes "chaotic electrical activity" on the monitor. It looks like Ventricular Fibrillation. After she makes certain that the patient is responsive, what is the next task she should perform?

A. Call a Code Blue
B. Draw the patient's blood
C. Check the sensor and cable attachments
D. Take a break

324 Test Questions #15-18 - Course # 324-19