EKG Reference Guide

Welcome to our guide for EKGs. Select one of the EKG types below to review that EKG's features and a sample strip. We have over 35 different types of EKGs in our web app.

ekg tracing illustration

Authors, Reviewers and Developers EKG rhythms classes: Thomas O'Brien.
EKG monitor simulation: Steve Collmann
12 Lead Lecture: Dr. Michael Mazzini, MD, Cardiologist.
Spanish EKG: Breena R. Taira, MD, MPH
Medical review: Dr. Jonathan Keroes, MD, Cardiologist,
Dr. Barbara Erickson, PhD, RN, CCRN.
EKG tracings medical review: Dr. Pedro Azevedo, MD, Cardiology
Last Update: 11/7/2022

EKG Reference Guide
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